Many of us love boats. Some of us were fortunate enough to grow up “messing about in boats”.

So, when we see a nautical item from years past, it gives us a warm feeling from a memory; maybe a fun adventure with a parent, grandparent, or a childhood friend.

Northern Boater was opened in order to keep that warm, familiar feeling alive.

Keep a few of these treasures nearby, and we’re connected to our passion of life near the water.

You can connect with Northern Boater in a number of ways. To experience all of the items available to you in
person, cruise on over to The Gallery in Cedar. Cedar is a village on the Leelanau Peninsula, just 12 miles
Northwest of Traverse City, in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Or, you may wander through the online shop at Here, you can check out photos, descriptions, and pricing of many of the
nautical items available for purchase. Of course, Northern Boater has a facebook page for you
to follow, too!

Here is a list of Nautical and Maritime Antiques/Collectibles and Artifacts that you may expect to see at Northern Boater…

Shop Northern Boater Online at Etsy~ Nautical Charts, from the Oceanographic Office of The Department of The Navy.
~ Model Boats and Ships
~ Anchors and Chain
~ Lanterns and Lights
~ Compasses
~ Bronze Bells, Books, and Buoys
~ Local Maritime Pieces of History
~ Bronze Propellers and Portholes
~ Early period Water Skis
~ Boat Wheels
~ Dock Lines
~ Vintage Outboard Motors
~ Oars and Paddles
~ Vintage Boating Accessories

Northern Boater is inspired by early fiberglass, and classic wooden boats, too. You will often see these watercraft illustrated
and featured throughout the shop.

You are invited to check it all out at Northern Boater, and reflect on your Nautical Past Times. Take a treasure home with you, or give it as a gift to a member of your “crew”. Keep the Nautical Past Times alive!

Northern Boater was featured in the June/July issue of Families First Monthly. See the article below or click here to read the entire issue.



Contact Info

Northern Boater ~ Nautical Antiques and Collectibles ~

Located at The Gallery in Cedar

9044 S. Kasson Street
Cedar, MI 49621

Just 12 miles Northwest of Traverse City



Northern Boater

Northern Boat at The Gallery in Cedar